Two are one

core of dou

“You have now reached a stage where teacher and pupil are no longer two persons, but one.”

This is the phrase in “Zen in the Art of Archery”.

Contrasting two, such as teacher and pupil, are one. This is the core of dou.

Especially, another person and me, nature and me, master and me, knowledge and me, skill and me, everything and me, two are one.

Melting me

That is not holistic. On dou thought, I merge me to something or somebody by melting me.

“Not having myself” is the highest stage of dou. It is not denying myself. If I have myself, I can learn nothing from others. When I can be nobody or nothing, I am free from ego, I melt me, I merge something or somebody, I become one with something or somebody, I am another existence, and I get skill or knowledge or something great. This is the way to live better life.

Holy myself

Where is myself? Don’t worry. I will transform me and I will be another me. That is the most important and the most difficult. Perhaps it is also the most difficult to understand.


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