It is itself

I don’t know.

Do you see what they have learned in the last article?
I don’t know. I am not kidding. If I know what they have learned, that is not dou-learning. Because it is able to be planed and measured. They don’t transform themselves on such learning. They can learn merely surface knowledge or skill.


Then, what is ultimate knowledge or skill? That’s so simple. It is itself. I am not joking.
It is very difficult to learn something or somebody as itself or themselves. Because I see through my filter, I don’t see itself.
For itself, I put myself away from me. I have no myself and melt me into the target. I and it are one. I am it. Then I understand itself and get itself all.


How can I do?
It is important not to compete or struggle. It is important not to compare me to anybody.
It is not anybody or anything. It is me. I manage me, not others.
We cannot do so well. But we are training every day.

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