English studying for an examination

 I’ve sat for an English exam at last February. And I’ve passed it. My English studying is a radio English course for the most part. This means it’s very low-priced.

 I started to learn English when I was 8 years old. At first, I was studying with my mother and brother. We were using Kiso-Eigo which is a famous Japanese radio program for learning English, and sometimes we were taught English by my father. Then, we’ve studied like this:

  1. Translating a passage from English to Japanese.
  2. Reading a passage aloud many times until being able to say by rote.
  3. Writing a passage many times until being able to write without looking.

Saying by rote and writing without looking were so hard at the beginning, but I inured to them soon. And about three years later, I started studying by myself with the radio program. Of course I’ve kept studying the same way. (I think my pace was slow)

Anyway, I’ve decided to take an exam, Eiken.

About Eiken

Nihon Eigo Kentei Kyokai, or the Eiken Foundation of Japan (formerly the Society for Testing English Proficiency, Inc.), is a public-interest incorporated foundation established in 1963 and based in Tokyo, Japan.

Eiken produces and administers English-proficiency tests with the backing of the Japanese Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT) and in cooperation with Japanese prefectural and local boards of education, public and private schools, and other leading testing bodies.

Eiken has some grade and I took Grade Pre-2.

Level description (Grade Pre-2)

Can understand and use English at a level sufficient to allow him/her to take part in general aspects of daily life.

At first, I’ve worried very much because I didn’t think I can pass it. But I want to study abroad! So I was challenge.

Well, I’ve passed!

I just studying by a radio program. So we can study for get English skill with no money! (um…it means with just a little money. maybe notebooks and pencils is need.) Necessary things for the way are time and perseverance, I think so.

But my English isn’t so good yet, so I keep studying. And I’ll challenge the exam Grade 2 this summer!



Incidentally, I’m also studying French and German with radio programs. I’ve studying French since last year, German since yesterday, so I can’t speak it yet. My dream is being able to speak over 20 languages!

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