Ultimate performance


Noh is a major form of classical Japanese musical drama that has been performed since the 14th century. Developed by Kan’ami and his son Zeami, it is the oldest major theatre art that is still regularly performed today.

Zeami wrote “Fushikaden” in which he made the system of training Noh and performing Noh. Fushikaden is the holy text of Noh, not only for performer of Noh but also everybody today. Because it tells “dou” well.


Best performance

The system of training is not like the system of Westerners. The system is dou. I should not call it “system”.

I want to tell about what Zeami aimed. If somebody performs noh well, that is not enough. Ultimately performers and audiences are melting in one. The theater becomes another world. The audiences are not the audiences. That is the best performance.


Not aim

Dou doesn’t have a goal. It is not right to say the aim of performance. But I don’t know what to say in English. Perhaps it is not in English. The aim of dou has no goal, it is endless and eternal. Because it has no end, it doesn’t have a goal or an aim. But it has a way, endless way.

When two are one, isn’t it the end? No, the status is changing. There are not any static statuses. Everything is changing. We cannot get to an end.

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