Soul of substance

Thank for the car

20 years ago, my car had trouble and stopped. When my car was brought to a car service shop, I said “My car is old, the trouble is reasonable”. The master of the shop said “You are wrong! You should thank for your car! Your have driven safely for your car.”

That is common in Japanese.

We think everything has the soul. My car has the soul, too. My car wants to bring me safely. It’s my car’s will. So, I thank for it.



Wangari Muta Maathai was a Kenyan environmental political activist and Nobel laureate. When she came to Japan, she knew the word “mottainai” and she was moved.

The term in Japanese conveys a sense of regret over waste. Where the sense come from?

Everything has its soul. We feel the soul.


Buddha, Kami

We think everything has its soul. We think the soul as something great and holy. We call it “Buddha nature” or “Kami”.

We worship the soul of everything. Our world is full of souls. Of course a devil has a soul. A devil is holy existence.

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