Japanese Horror

Japanese horror stories are different from stories of other countries. Many of Japanese horror stories are based on onryo meaning “vengeful spirit” or “vengeful ghost”.
A person who is killed by other person’s selfish reason may become onryo after death. They may revenge. They may not be able to forgive the enemy. The enemy is living with fear, will have some troubles or accidents, or will be died. Anyway the enemy cannot be out of sufferings physically and mentally.


Onryo have grudge.

Onryo is like a ghost. A living person with strong grudge makes his own soul go to his target of grudge, and give sufferings for revenge. That is living onryu.
A dead person becomes an existence of only soul and revenge. That is dead onryo.
Onryo has strong grudge and must revenge. We are afraid of onryo. But we understand the grudge is natural and sympathize with onryo.
Most of grudge is about love affair or politics.

The winner are afraid of the loser.

In Japan winners cannot be free from grudge of loser. It is important how to win. If a winner give sufferings to a loser, the winner should pray for the loser. Japanese winners are afraid of the losers. Winners are not true winners. Can you understand?

Anybody cannot escape from onryo.

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