Oneness is diversity

Oneness is not one.

Perhaps you think “oneness” is one. We, Japanese don’t use the term “oneness”. But I cannot find the proper term for “oneness”. So I use the word “oneness”.
Japanese don’t think the world is oneness. The world is diversity.

Many is one.

Diversity is working organically. Everything works for others. Everything don’t destry the diversity. Everything don’t know the system of diversity. But naturally everything goes well. That is nature. That is magical.
We think of the mysterious system. It has many elements. But the system is one. We cannot see the system. We can feel the system.

holy system

We think the system is holy. It is “oneness”.
Oneness is not one, oneness is many. Perhaps I should say, “Oneness is diversity”.
Of course diversity don’t have win-lose.

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