Meaning of mimicry

Only mimicry?

Learning from nobody is the basical learning method of human beings. Children watch their parents and other people. They copy them and get the skill or knowledge.

But animals or insects do the same. What is the difference between human beings and other creatures?


With meaning

We need meaning. Our mimicry is not only mimicry but mimicry with meaning. We hope something and want to get it. So we mimic others with thinking.

Recently we choose process rather than mimicry. Process is rapid and efficient. Of course process is useful. But efficiency lacks something. What is it?


We hope something.

We hope something. It is not achievement or money. We hope something on our life. Efficiency brings us something on the surface. We want it. But is it enough for us? We live our life as human beings. We hope something deep, wide, large or great.


Information or knowledge

We get information, but only information. We want to use it for ourselves. We change information into knowledge, then we can use it. What is necessary on the phase? We need experience. Without experience, information will be information. With experience, information will be knowledge. Indeed, experience makes us human beings.



I say “shu” on dou learning method. “Shu” has mimicry and repetition. That is experience. The experience must have meaning. Experience without meaning is not the mimicry on “shu”. We hope to transform ourselves into what we hope. That is the meaning of dou learning. We mimic with great meaning. Why do you study at school? Our family’s answer is clear. We study not for educational background, money, jobs, achievement or other superficial aims. We study for our growth as human beings. So our family learns by homeschooling.

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