Live with A.I.

Don’t be a slave of A.I.

A.I. will take me abundant and convenient life. That is great.
At the same time I will obey A.I. without criticism or questions because A.I. is too perfect and good. That is terrible.
If I give up thinking by my brain, I will live lead by A.I. I will be slave of A.I.

I am human.

What can I do?
A.I. is not a human. A.I. is a machine. What is different between both?
Human has soul, A.I. doesn’t have. I live by my soul, I will never be a slave. If I will forget the way of living by my soul, I will not live as human.
Dou-learning is learning method by soul. A.I. is not an enemy. A.I. is a friend. A.I. is never a boss of me. I am me.

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