Japanese and nature

Nature tells

Japanese people often say “we hear the voice of nature”.
That sounds strange. Nature doesn’t have the mouth. Nature isn’t a living creature. Can nature say?
But we think it is no wonder. We can hear the voice of nature.

Everything tells

We hear the voice of wind, streams, rains, clouds, mountains, stones, trees, or everything. That seems animism. But it is not animism of the common term.
We are one with nature. So, we hear the voice. The voice doesn’t have any sounds.

Understanding by heart

When we say “we hear the voice of nature”, we hear it by our ears. We hear the voice by heart.
For us understanding by heart is better than understanding by brain. We think understanding by heart is the best. And doing by heart is better than doing by body.
“Zen in the Art of Archery” tells that.


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