How to reading

oneness reading

If you read many books with mind of oneness, you will develop your ability of understanding.

Then how to read? Of course, common way of reading is not enough.

When you read a book, you don’t criticize it, you don’t have your opinion. You don’t have to agree it. It may tell you something you don’t like. You put yourself away. You don’t think anything. You are the book. The book is yourself. You and the book are oneness. Then you will get something over the book.

You read many books with this method, you will get large ability.



What kind of books are better? Story. Old stories are better. Myths, folklores, legends, old literature.

Old stories have been read and told for long time. Many people have added their soul and lives on the stories. The stories have power which is not seen by our eyes.

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