Fight in myself


“Zen in the Art of Archery” was written by a German, Eugen Herrigel, who learned kyu-dou deeply. He arrived at the high point of dou. Many Japanese cannot see the state.

Kyu-dou is the Japanese martial art of archery. There are similar sports in other countries.

What is the difference from archery in other countries?

Target is me

Eugen said, “fundamentally the marksman aims at himself and may even succeed in hitting himself.”

That’s right. The target is myself. Kyu-dou is one of many kinds of dou. Other kinds of dou are the same. The target is me, myself. The target is not out of me.

Kyu-dou is a sport. Japanese think kyu-dou is spiritual activity rather than sport. Because kyu-dou has “dou”.

I have not done kyu-dou. But I know what Eugen said. Because I am Japanese, I understand the sense of dou. I don’t know about the sport of kyu-dou, but I understand the sense of kyu-dou.

Opponents are out of me. Even if there are so many opponents against me, all opponents are myself. I fight in myself. That is dou.



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