Humanity is empathy

What a human has and A.I. doesn’t have is empathy. Empathy is one of the most important skill for us.
On business or work, we do something for others and we get money. For business we use empathy. We must understand the wish of customers.
Our society needs empathy for us to maintain and develop.
But it is difficult to acquire the skill of empathy. We depend on digital technology more and more, we lose empathy. It is not wrong to use digital technology. It is wrong to depend on it.

Grow empathy

I have said that transcribing is the most important way for learning. Writing texts of books as my hand is the power. I said it is for oneness.
Oneness is empathy.
Only writing is not good. Writing as I am the book is important. Empathy is not by brain but by soul.
For the 21th century, the skill of empathy will be more important. Because A.I, will evolve more and more. Getting the skill of empathy seems difficult but it is quite simple.


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