Oneness with the skill

The masters of dou say “Be oneness with the skill.”

On dou, we don’t acquire the skill but will be oneness with the skill. Perhaps the phrase is difficult for you. I and the skill are not two. I am the skill. The skill is me. The skill is not out of me.

That sense is common with Japanese.


Two are one.

Japanese say that opposite two are one. That seems strange. We are used to the sense. For example, I say 5 kinds of the phrases.

(1) Sokushin-jobutsu

“Jobutsu” means that somebody becomes Buddha. “Sokushin” means “immediately” or “as human body”. Human and Buddha is one. In Buddhism we should live like Buddha. Actually we cannot be Buddha. But all of us have Buddha-hood in ourselves, so Buddha and we are oneness.

(2) Bonga-ichinyo

That is the term of Sanskrit philosophy which is the source of Buddhism.

“Bon” means “the universe or the cosmos”, “ga” means “my soul” and “ichinyo” means “oneness”. The cosmos and my soul are oneness. All of the world (universe) are oneness. That is to say, my soul is the all. I have my soul and I have all of the world (universe). I am a ruler of the world. But I cannot rule my soul and I cannot rule the world.

If I want to manage the world as my desire, I cannot rule my soul. If I can manage the world as my desire, the world should be broken. Because I cannot manage the world, the world keeps harmony. When I can rule my soul, I will transcend being a human.

I have the ultimate treasure, my soul. I should train to manage my soul as holy will.

(3) Shindo-funi

“Shin” means “my body”, “do” means “nature” and “funi” means “oneness”.

Human beings and nature are oneness. That is common in Japanese. That is the basic sense of Oriental medicine. It is like “bonga-ichinyo”.

(4) Zenaku-funi

“Zen” means “goodness”, “aku” means “badness” and “funi” means “oneness”.

Perhaps you cannot believe that goodness and badness are oneness. Japanese are used to the sense. Goodness is not definite, badness is not definite.Goodness may be badness. Badness may be goodness. We cannot assume goodness or badness.

(5) Jasho-ichinyo

“Ja” means “evil”, “sho” means “justice”  and “ichinyo” means “oneness”.

That is like “zenaku-funi”.

That means the strange truth. Buddha and Devil are oneness. That is the common sense of Buddhism. Devil does the task to lead us to the way of Buddhism. So Devil works for Buddhism.

In the world there is nothing bad or wrong. We should think everything is all right.


Transcend antinomy

We can recognize everything as relative sense; this and that.We cannot recognize oneness with intelligence.

Relative sense makes development and serious problems; wars, environmental issues, poverty issues, and so on. Our personal problems are caused by antinomy.

Really true oneness can be brought by spirituality. That is not religion.

Japanese think my power is made of intelligence, mind and body. Intelligence makes relative thinking. Mind and body makes sense of oneness. That is “Dou”.