Dou is mysterious

There are few books of dou

I search books about dou. But I have found less than 10 books about dou. Dou is very popular in Japan. I wonder why there are few books.

We cannot describe dou. We cannot define dou. But we understand dou when somebody say about dou.


The way of life

Perhaps dou means the way of life. The life of somebody is different from others’. That sense is difficult to describe in English. Terms about dou are in Japanese, but not in English.

We, Japanese think human beings are the part of nature. Human beings are not special existence in animals. Every person has the most precious and holy nature. Every animal has the same one.  Every plant and every insect is the same.

So, everything and every creature and everybody are the same of us. All is one.

We live along the way. That is dou.

The best book

It is hard to describe dou. A German did it very well. Eugen Herrigel (1884-1955) wrote the book “Zen in the Art of Archery”.

He understood dou deeply, perhaps more than common Japanese. It is the great work.







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