ability of understand

reading and writing

The most important skill of stydy is understanding. When we study or learn something, we cannot acquire that without understanding. There are many efficient method for understanding. School is one of them.

The most efficient way is the simplest way. It looks long way and hard way. But it is the fastest and easiest way. Sometimes something looks upside down.

The greatest way for understanding is reading and writing. It is the traditional style for Japanese.


Why do reading and writing have the large power? We can read or write by oneness with the books. If you read a book without mind of oneness, the reading has less power. Oneness is the greatest way for understanding.

If you have small money or you don’t have any books or any pens, don’t worry. You can do listening. You can listen to the story which somebody tells. You must listen that with the mind of oneness. You train day by day, you will get the high ability of understanding. You knou, you need not any money or anything.

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