A.I. makes us happy?

What is happiness?

If I have more money, perhaps I will be happy. Indeed that’s right. But I think another way. Convenience will make me empty.

I feel happy when I live our life. if A.I. lives my life, I don’t live my life.

I do something by my soul and body. I live with people in the real world. I take many mistakes. I develop myself. I laugh. I cry. I work with my soul and body.

If A.I. do them, I cannot do anything.


children in the future

A.I. will evolve, and I need it. But I must have something but A.I..

A.I. will take me to the wonderful world. But A.I. will not make me happy. Only I can make me happy.

A.I. cannot deal with soul. Of course learning about technology is important.

Recently people seem forget something about soul. I hope my children learn about soul.

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